I can't. I'm sorry........The lights, the moon, you. Everything is just like I imagined it. But this doesn't feel like I imagined it. I made you up. I invented the idea of you because I was hurt that a boy didn't want me. And I wasn't brave enough to know that a boy didn't like me for me. That's his problem. I only get one first kiss and I don' know when it's gonna happen, and it probably won't be perfect. But I know now that I want it to be real.
Mae to Albert.
Mae Hartley
Biographical information
Full Name
Matilda Hartley
Mae (by everyone)

Geek (by Nevaeh, some students at her school) Nerd (by Nevaeh, some students at her school)

Dork (by classmate from math)
June 19th, 1998
Resides In
Washington D.C., Maryland
Harrison Family
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Personal Information
James Hartley (father)

Bart Hartley (older brother)

Unknown mother
Gabby Harrison (Best Friend)

Albert Banks (Fake Ex-Boyfriend)

Jaden Stark (Possible Boyfriend)
Jaden, hanging with Gabby, being popular, romance
Nevaeh, being called nerdy
Production Information
Portrayed By

Maybelle "Mae" Hartley is the deuteragonist of How to Build a Better Boy. She is portrayed by Kelli Berglund.


Mae is a very sweet and romantic girl, known to be a high school genius who doesn't have much chances on dating. She is often called a nerd, geek, or dork by Nevaeh and other school students. Mae and her best friend, Gabby, stick together and whom boys do not find very appealing because of their personality. Mae and Gabby are both set to create the perfect boyfriend.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Smartness: It's clear that Mae is very smart, which is probably genetically passed down from her father, James Hartley.



James HartleyEdit


James Hartley is Mae's father.

Bart HartleyEdit


Bart Hartley is Mae's older brother who is also Gabby' s boyfriend.


Gabby HarrisonEdit

(Best Friend)

Gabby and Mae are best friends who are both incredibly smart. They work together to try to create the perfect boyfriend for Mae. Soon that friendship was took to a bad turn when Mae started paying more attention to Albert and and overlooked her.


Albert BanksEdit

(Fake Boyfriend)

Albert is a robot that Gabby and Mae create to be the "perfect" boyfriend for Mae. She sees that he has special powers and realizes that he's a robot. In the end, Albert tells Mae to self-destruct him at the dance before members of the Pentagon and Army swoops in and tries to take him away because the "Perfect kiss" was never going to happen.

(See: Mabert)

Jaden StarkEdit


Mae had a crush on Jaden, and vice verses, but he was dating Nevaeh Barnes, until he broke up with her, due to her cruel and shallow personality. Jaden wanted to ask Mae to homecoming, but he was to scared too. Jaden was a bit jealous of Albert, since he was "dating" Mae. They end up together at the end. Jaden realized from Albert that he shouldn't be scared to be with the person he wants to be with because of their popularity status. He is very popular and handsome.


Nevaeh BarnesEdit

Nevaeh Barnes goes to Mae' s school. She doesn't like Mae because she thinks that Mae is a Geek. Despite Mae's abilities, Nevaeh thinks there is nothing to see in her. Maybe Nevaeh is jealous of Mae because desite being a Geek, Jaden, Nevaeh's boyfriend secretly likes Mae who is way less popular than her.