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Bonjuar, ladies!
—Nevaeh to Mae and Gabby
Nevaeh Barnes
Biographical information
Full Name
Nevaeh Barnes
September 16th,1998

Physical Description
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Eye Color
Personal Information
Mr. Barnes (father)
Mrs. Barnes (mother)
Jaden Stark (Ex-Boyfriend)
being popular, Jaden, embarrassing Mae
Mae, Gabby, Mae's victories
Production Information
Portrayed By

Nevaeh Barnes is the main antagonist on How to Build a Better Boy. She is the most popular girl in school, who embarrasses Mae Hartley. She is portrayed by Ashley Argota.

Role In The FilmEdit

Neveah is shown to be cruel, shallow and arrogant-just like the stereotypical mean girl. She enjoys humiliating people, especially Mae. Nevaeh is obsessed with becoming Homecoming Queen. She is the one who finds out Albert is a robotic super soldier, and tries to expose that to the crowd right after Mae is crowned Homecoming Queen. However, Jaden thwarts her every move, turning her warnings into compliments for Albert. Nevaeh is a popular cheerleader (presumably the captain) and is surrounded by a large mass of "adoring fans" at all times. She has a fondness for French words.

Relationships Edit

Mae Hartley

Mae and Nevaeh don't get along she embarrassed Mae in front of the school about Jaden asking her to the dance and teased her about Albert being fake. When Mae was crowned Homecoming Queen she was furious and exposed Mae's boyfriend Albert. Later when Albert left Mae dropped her crown and Nevaeh stole it and said"(gasp)MINE!"

Gabby Harrison

They didn't interact much but she seems to hate her a little less than Mae and she teased her best friend Mae but didn't see anything bad with her

Jaden Stark

Jaden is her ex-boyfriend their relationship seemed to be one-sided and Jaden secretly didn't like her and had feelings for Mae and at Homecoming she said he needs to stop letting himself be pushed around and he said he would and broke up with her